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          About us
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          About us

                Kinlead is one of the largest manufacturers of BOPP films in the world, with the annual capacity of over 180,000 Metric tons of five BOPP lines and 25,000 Metric tons of CPP lines in three factories, Shaoxing/Shangyu and Dalian. Moreover, Kinlead is equipped with several high speed metallizers and other downstream production lines.
                As the largest BOPP film exporter in China, Kinlead films have exported to more than 70 countries and regions such as Europe, American, Japan, southeast Asia, Africa and so on.
                By keeping the principle “Quality first, Customers Supreme”, Kinlead is devoted to being the first-class packaging material supplier in the world.

          Address: No. 889, Jingshui Road, Kedong Industrial Zone, Shaoxing, Zhejiang | Tel: 0575-85589072 | Fax: 0575-84816617 | E-mail: kinlead@kinlead.cn| Website: www.ztzszh.com
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