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          QC Center
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          QC Center

              We have mechanical, chemical, physical and other instruments, can carry out tensile strength of the film, elongation at break, modulus of elasticity; friction coefficient, surface tension, thickness, thermal shrinkage, heat sealing strength, gloss, fog and other items of testing, but also equipped with microscope, thick slice cutting machine and other auxiliary instruments. It can meet the testing requirements required in the national standard of biaxially oriented polypropylene film.

              We have a strong product quality control team, many years engaged in testing and standardization work, experienced personnel. Accurate and timely control of product quality. It is our mission not to inflow disqualified products into our customers.

              "Customer satisfaction" is our eternal pursuit of the goal, our quality control concept: the quality management model from quality control after the event to "preventive" control in advance and control in the event, we implement the total quality management model. The four production stages of production planning, feeding, production and finished products in the whole production process are all integrated into the quality management system, which is closely linked to the quality management system.

              Quality control in the production planning stage: that is, quality control, production, technology, warehousing and sales department keep close contact before production. After fully analyzing the factors affecting product quality, we formulate production plan according to needs and effective expectation evaluation, and transmit it to material supply department and technical support. Departments should do a good job in technical preparation for product design, such as supplier audit of major materials, plant facilities, instruments and equipment, production process, packaging materials, packaging methods verification, raw and auxiliary materials, intermediate quality standards formulation, etc., to ensure that the production process can consistently produce products that meet quality standards. .

              Our quality control in the feeding stage: the material and quality management departments work together through strict compliance with established standards, material supply channel packaging, marking and internal quality of the warehouse acceptance. Maintenance in the warehouse and out of the warehouse inspection to prevent material pollution and confusion, ensure that the material into the production system to meet the production quality requirements.

              We are in the production stage of quality control: quality is produced, in the entire production process to promote the "6S". Field management mode: 1S. sorting: distinguish between needed and unused ones and eliminate them. 2S. rectification: it will be kept neatly. 3S. clean 4S. cleaning: remove dirty spot and prevent pollution. 5S. literacy: employees must work according to regulations and work conscientiously and responsibly. 6S. safety: according to the standard operation, ensure product quality.

              Our quality control in the finished product stage: the final product quality audit release and quality tracking process, quality inspectors to each batch of products with a scientific and rigorous attitude, inspection methods and critical eyes to examine the quality of product quality assurance personnel throughout the production process of batch production records to determine the finished product Whether to let go.

              Product release is not the end of product quality control. All products strictly implement the observation system of retained samples, and timely quality tracking of retained samples provides a basis for ensuring product quality stability and quality continuous improvement.

              Our quality problem management concept: from quality problem accountability and results assessment to cause analysis, continuous implementation of quality improvement change. In order to raise questions, discuss improvement and preventive measures, and avoid the recurrence of the same problems, we should hold periodic quality analysis meetings to analyze the causes of the quality problems produced or likely to occur, find out the root causes of the problems, and set up a research group to study and formulate the problems. Solutions to quality problems and preventive measures.

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