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          Talent Strategy
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          Talent Strategy
           Human Resource
              Talents are the basis of the rise and fall of enterprises. Enterprises are the boat of talented people sailing in the same boat. Adhere to the "people-oriented, people do their best", through the selection of talent, make good use of talent, cultivate talent, to retain talent, to create a good working environment, a competitive system, and constantly stimulate the potential of employees, to provide broad Development platform to achieve win-win situation.
              Dedication: we not only attach importance to work efficiency, but also pay attention to the quality of work. Work quality, product quality and service quality are always our lifeline. Therefore, we require every employee to be conscientious, diligent, conscientious, meticulous, persevering in life and work.
              Innovation spirit: In today's market economy society full of open competition and objective encouragement of the strong, we are soberly aware that innovation, only innovation, is our development path.
              Teamwork: We firmly believe that collective success comes from the joint efforts of all our members. Therefore, we can not do without communication and cooperation.
              Service Consciousness: Based on Kelly, serving the plastic packaging industry is our greatest pursuit. Therefore, we have the responsibility to actively promote technological research and development in the industry, to promote the transformation of outstanding industries to achievements, and to serve the development of society.
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