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              The company adheres to the spirit of "today's quality is tomorrow's brand, tomorrow's brand, is an endless stream of wealth." Kinlead keep developing the corporate culture, quality, production, management and business, strive to become a listed company in 3-5 years. 

              The company adheres to the purpose of "meet demand, the pursuit of excellence", develop the domestic market. At the same time, Kinlead provide quality after-sales service for customers and won the trust and praise from many enterprises, gradually establish a good company brand. We believe that we will be able to create a more brilliant tomorrow through our continuous efforts, pursuit and innovation.

          Address: No. 889, Jingshui Road, Kedong Industrial Zone, Shaoxing, Zhejiang | Tel: 0575-85589072 | Fax: 0575-84816617 | E-mail: kinlead@kinlead.cn| Website: www.ztzszh.com
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