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          R & D Center
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          R & D Center
              Since 2007, the enterprise technology research and development center has been established, and the thickness gauge, analytical balance, tensile testing machine and other instruments and equipment have been introduced from Germany, Britain and Italy. The precision grades are 0.01u, 0.001 g, 0.1N respectively. After years of sustained and rapid development, the company adhering to the "courage to innovate, excellence" spirit of enterprise, through multi-complementary, close cooperation, formed the company's leading industry outstanding comprehensive competitive advantage and sustainable development capacity. The main research and development direction of the technology center is to develop various kinds of new multifunctional BOPP packaging film materials with domestic advanced technology by using polymer materials technology in combination with scientific theory, technical methods and processes. Through continuous improvement, enrichment and improvement, in recent years the center's design and development, project tackling capacity has greatly improved, and constantly develop new BOPP products to meet market demand. More than 10 provincial-level new products have been successfully developed, such as paper-plastic composite film, heat sealing film, leather printing transfer film, high-brightness and slippery fresh flower packaging film, permanent antistatic film, high friction coefficient film, high-temperature insulation film, etc. We also cooperate with Donghua University, Zhejiang University and China Institute of Metrology in technology development, production, teaching and research.
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